Friday, January 21, 2011

Sparkly Organization!

I've been looking for creative ways to organize my jewelry .... so far I pretty much just have jewelry laying around in the bathroom, on my dresser ... you name it it's there. I always feel like I have so many great pieces that I could be wearing more often, but because they are thrown around everywhere I don't even remember I have them!

So I've been searching and searching for creative ways to be more organized when it comes to jewelry, and here are some great ideas that I've found online that I want to try and copy.

In this picture, this person hung her jewelry as artwork on the walls:

In this next photo, frames were bought for cheap at flea markets or garage sales, then painted to match the room (it was a kid's room for these fun and spunky purple frames). What is the stuff that the earrings are actually hanging from? It is actually a drawer liner that you normally buy for your cabinets and utensil drawers - they come in multiple colors and patterns and are super cheap at your local Target or grocery store, etc. How awesome is that?

I'm not sure what I will end up doing with my pieces, but these definitely gave me some fun ideas to help out. Do you have any creative and fun ways of storing your jewelry?

Oh, and here is a link on how to make this beauty ~


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